P2PEP Tokensale (PEP Token): Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform

The use of renewable energy is critical in preserving the environment for current and future generations. However, the reality in most parts of the world is that this clean energy is not produced in the same large-scale manner as the traditional energy. Additionally, distribution of clean energy is also quite costly, inefficient and very insecure. A cryptocurrency and blockchain service, P2PEP, seeks to address these challenges and deliver clean energy to end users.

About P2PEP

Pere to Peer Energy Protocol or P2PEP is a platform for the exchange of renewable energy between creators and users. It is specifically designed to enhance the production of clean sources of energy by reducing and eliminating the challenges of delivering renewable energy to consumers. The peer to peer aspect removes the need of having middlemen since transactions are done between two consumers.

Remote areas with poor energy infrastructure stand to gain immensely from this P2PEP project. For instance, if you own a solar generating system that is producing too much energy than you need, then you can sell that surplus to your peers within the P2PEP platform. Additionally, renewable energy producers that want to engage directly with their end consumers can also sign up for this platform.

How P2PEP Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform Works

P2PEP aims to make the world transition to clean energy by increasing convenience, lowering transaction costs, and bringing efficiency to the entire process. The current energy markets are primarily biased against clean energy producers, with most of them having a difficult time reselling their renewable energy products at a fair market price. Luckily, P2PEP can help users bypass the energy polluting cartels who favor fossil fuel production over renewable energy.

While most consumers would like to use green energy, there is a lot of hassle related to finding and setting up such a system. The P2PEP energy trading service means that you don’t need to invest in expensive solar energy setups or other renewable sources. Other consumers can sell you their surplus energy directly without involving any other third parties. Renewable energy companies can also trade with their clients directly through P2PEP.

Although P2PEP is one of the most advanced blockchain based solutions, it has a simple interface that is user-friendly. You do not need to have previous blockchain knowledge to use this platform. You download the app into your smartphone and then start trading in clean energy. Additionally, you also need PEP tokens for conducting all these transactions.

P2PEP also plans on empowering remote areas and communities in need of proper energy infrastructure. Such remote areas are often overlooked when it comes to having sufficient power for even the necessities, like having lights at night. P2PEP intends to help these remote communities get access to renewable energy while empowering them with a livelihood as they can also start trading with each other through the platform.

This P2PEP platform runs on the latest Ethereum ERC223 system to guarantee maximum security. Besides that, the system also uses the electronic confirmation matching standard to cover all trade. ECM helps in reducing the transactional costs, delays, and risk when processing trades. All transactions are also instantly recorded as they occur.

P2PEP PEP Tokensale Details
Parameters Of The Token

Token Symbol: PEP
Token Sale Date: Present – TBD
Token Price: 0.01$
Accepted Payment Method: Ethereum
Total Supply: 1,532,221,000
Token Standard: ERC20

P2PEP Conclusion

P2PEP has a vast potential for making renewable energy more palatable for many users. In addition to delivering clean energy where clients need it the most, it also empowers people to trade with each other through its user-friendly app.

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Author: P2PEP
A Peer-2-Peer Decentralized Energy Trading Platform Connecting Users via the P2PEP Blockchain