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People who have solar energy systems installed will produce, at some point, an oversupply of energy. These People try to sell this surplus of energy to earn back some of the costs of purchasing the renewable system or even profit from it.

P2PEP (Peer to Peer Energy Protocol) aims to offer a trading platform combined with a utility token to buy/sell (trade) this oversupply of solar or other renewable energies, which can be done directly peer to peer, consumer to consumer wise.

In addition, the P2PEP trading platform strives to push for its adoption by green energy companies that want to deal directly with end consumers. Using P2PEP, green energy consumers and producers can bypass the old, outdated polluting energy and trade green energy peer to peer as easily as picking up an uber ride.

Another important mission of P2PEP is to give back. That is why we will engage in projects aimed at bringing clean energy solutions in areas that have poor energy infrastructure but plenty of opportunities to produce clean energy.

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why P2PEP?

P2PEP aims to revolutionize, boost convenience, increase efficiency and lower costs for all parties aspiring to make the transition towards clean energy.

Inefficient Energy Markets

Clean energy producers have a hard time reselling their energy supply easy and for a fair price. Many consumers want clean energy, but don't want the hassle of finding and installing a system.

Too much power for polluting energy cartels

The current energy industry places a ridiculous amount of levering power in the hands of the old fossil fuel companies and these companies are the very ones hindering the transition towards using clean energy.

Unfair balances

In too many places people suffer, due to bad energy infrastructure, whilst there are plenty of opportunities to produce clean energy in those areas.

P2P Energy Trading

Through the P2PEP Platform, clean Energy can de directly traded peer to peer and globally as easy as picking up an uber ride.

C2C and B2C

The P2PEP platform can be used in a consumer to consumer or business to consumer manner, to cash in and out on energy oversupply. It also eases Clean Energy Companies to directly connect with their customers, helping them to bypass the limiting, polluting and outdated energy industry.

Complex but Simple

P2PEP is an advanced solution based on the blockchain technology, PEP is a payment token for energy trading over the P2PEP network. Usage is simple as all that is needed is to download our mobile app and start buying or selling clean energy.


Watch the video's below to get a glimps on how P2PEP will be used in real life and make an impact on our environment.

P2PEP Connecting Clean Energy Consumers

Consumer to Consumer

With the P2PEP app buying and selling of clean energy will be just a click away.

P2PEP connecting Clean Energy Companies to Consumers

Business to Consumer

Via the P2PEP app clean energy producing companies can trade directly with users.

Bringing Clean Energy to users in need

Empower places in need

P2PEP will reach out to bring empowerment to places with bad energy infrastructure.



P2PEP is a peer to peer trading platform that enables clean energy producers to directly sell what they produce to other energy consumers.


The P2PEP platform is meant to connect businesses with their customers, thus designed to nurture effective inter-business and customer relationships. P2PEP’s nature brings reliability and stability to the market.

Safe Integration

P2PEP uses a standard electronic Confirmation Matching (eCM) which is the established standard for energy trading. eCM helps to reduce operational risk, cost and delays when processing confirmations.

P2P meets Blockchain

P2PEP trades are peer-to-peer, combining both REMIT Regulations and blockchain protocol, providing both security and transparency. Transactions are recorded as they happen and are distributed over the network.

Latest Technology

For the convenience of our users we use the latest technology on the P2PEP platform. By using the new Ethereum ERC223 protocol, no blockchain knowledge is needed to get around. Payments can be done to "johnsmith.eth" instead of complex addresses such as '0x4cbe58c50480...'.

Easy Usage

To use P2PEP all you need is a smartphone and our app. This allows newcomers to quickly find their way buying and selling clean energy. The exchange of energy has never been simpler, allowing the mass market to switch to clean energy, without needing to install complex energy systems.

Future Of Clean Energy Trading

We aim to bring convenience, lower costs and innovation to the exchange of energy market. With the P2PEP platform, polluting oil coalitions and monopolists, can be circumvented and as such enabling the move towards clean energy.


Token sale: 40%
Future Sales: 10%
Reserve: 30%
Core Team: 9%
Hired Assistance: 5%
Community: 3%
Bonus & Bounties: 3%


Research & Development: 40%
Marketing: 15%
Reserve: 15%
Team: 15%
Maintenance & Legal: 5%
Bonus and Bounties: 5%
Community: 5%


P2PEP is an ambitious project that aims to revolutionize clean energy trading and make it more accessible peer to peer. Read below for some important milestones in the project

Phase 1: Concept Phase (Q1 2018) [Completed]

  • Conception of idea
  • Analyzing project targets, markets and potential
  • Legal matter management

Phase 2: Crowdsourcing (Q2 2018)

  • Token private sale
  • Token public pre-sale
  • Partnership programs with Green Energy corporations
  • Beta testing of the P2P Energy Protocol

Phase 3: Launch and Development (Q3 2018)

  • Development of the DAPP trading platform
  • Start with development of PEP CASH
  • Public Token Sale
  • Launching of P2PEP Token on New Exchanges
  • Forming Strategic Partnerships with Renawable Energy Distributors

Phase 4: Pilot testing and PEP CASH Launch (Q4 2018)

  • Launching of PEP CASH
  • Pilot testing of the P2PEP and PEP CASH Eco-System
  • P2PEP and PEP CASH Wallets [web, mobile and desktop]
  • Technical Testing and Implementing of Platform pilot
  • First Trading of Energy over the P2PEP Platform

Phase 5: DAPP Release and P2PEP Eco-System Launch (Q1 2019)

  • Connecting the DAPP with EDS and PEP CASH into the P2PEP Eco-System
  • Web APP Release
  • Mobile APP Release
  • Desktop APP Release
  • P2PEP Official Launch

Phase 6: Geo and Volume Expansion (Q2 2019)

  • Increasing Trading Volume
  • Expanding Client Base
  • Expansion in new Liberal Electricity Markets and Countries

Phase 7: Implementing new ways of energy distribution (Q3 & Q4 2019)

  • New Micro Grid networks
  • Development of the first commercial Solar Crypto Miner
  • Testing small range Wireless Electricity distribution
  • Charitable Renawable Energy Projects in 3rd world countries


Buying PEP tokens is easy. Just click on the button below or choose one of our P2PEP package plans. The button will redirect you to our e-shop where you can finish your order in 2 easy steps. For more info on the buying process, we refer to this video how to buy tokens.


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P2PEP (Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol) offers a trading platform and a utility token to both buy and sell oversupply of solar and other forms of clean energy. Want to know more about the underlying idea and its execution plan? Then please download the whitepaper.

The Team

The P2PEP project is managed by a team of skilled and dedicated professionals. Click on the LinkedIn icons to find out more or join our community to talk to the team members directly. We also would like to give a special thanks to volunteers like Jayden, Eyecs, Mozz and many more which are doing great work of making our Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol a reality.


Vladimir Mladenovski

Professional and experienced ICT System Security Engineer, specialized in many fields.


Saar Yazdi

Smart-Contracts expert. Focused on making the world decentralized. Clean-Energy driven.


Rubin Gjerovski

Senior Software Engineer
Software engineer with broad knowledge of software development and operations.


Yevgeni Bondarchuk

Energy and integration
MSc. in Engineering Physics, specialized in Renewable Energies and Lasers & Optics.


Darko Simonovski

Junior Software Engineer
Experienced mobile app developer with broad knowledge of numerous technologies.


Anton Vosloo

Community Manager
Self employed professional, an electronics technician and (blockchain) reverend.


Emmanouil Thanasoulis

Content and Community Manager
MSc. in management, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency enthusiast.


Emmanuel O. Olumide

Content, PR
A savvy Community Manager & Tech. Enthusiast, with a keen interest in Blockchain Technology and its economic impact.


Anna Paputsa

Social Media Manager
Experienced in running private communities for cryptocurrency investors and startups.


Abdul Mukati

Marketing Advisor
Experienced in building companies and advisor to multiple cryptocurrency projects. 


1. What is P2PEP?

Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol (P2PEP) is an energy trading protocol. The P2PEP energy trading DApp will connect small and big clean energy producers and consumers over the blockchain. Due to its peer 2 peer nature, no middleman can stand in the way and will be unstoppable precisely in the same way you can't stop a torrent network. As such, we aim to help the future expansion of clean renewable energy usage.

2. Why is renawable energy better than fossil energy?

Human activity is overwhelming the atmosphere with carbon dioxide (CO2) and other global warming causing emissions. These gasses act like a blanket trapping heat. The result is a web of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, droughts, sea level rise and extinction.

In contrast, most renewable energy sources produce little to no such global warming causing emissions. Even when including the whole “life cycle” of clean energy producing equipment (from manufacturing, installation, operation and taking the system down), the global warming impact caused by it is minimal. For more information please read: this document

3. What makes P2PEP special?

P2PEP (Peer 2 Peer Energy Protocol) offers a trading platform and a payment token (PEP) to buy/sell oversupply of renewable energy. This energy trading can be done peer 2 peer, consumer to consumer and business to consumer. 

The P2PEP trading platform can be used by green energy companies that want to deal directly with the end consumer. P2PEP green energy consumers and producers can break free from the old polluting energy corporations and trade green energy in a peer 2 peer manner as easy as picking up an Uber ride.

Another important mission of P2PEP is to give back. That is why we will engage in projects aimed at bringing clean energy solutions to areas that have poor energy infrastructure but plenty of opportunities to produce it.

4. What is the difference between P2PEP and PEP?

P2PEP (Peer-to-Peer Energy Protocol) is the name of the platform and PEP is the name of the utility token used in this platform for exchange with energy.

5. Why is P2PEP a good investment?
Expanding market

pep_opportunity1More and more people start to use clean sources of electricity. Countries such as USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Italy provide 550 billion usd of subsidies for renewable energy in order to further development and installation. By 2020, the European Union (EU) expects to reach 20% of its energy produced from renewable sources.

Increasing suppliers

pep_opportunity2The number of clean energy providers will surge as more people demand it. By 2022 the EU forecasts these companies will dominate the energy market. By having a portion of your investment portfolio allocated towards clean energy projects, you are not only doing good for the environment, but also for yourself.

Cost Deduction

pep_opportunity3As the market expands the costs of renewable energy will drop and as prices fall, demand will indefinitely rise up. Also, renewable energy subsidies keep lowering the price paid by consumers for renewable energy, which will encourage consumption of renewable energy.

P2PEP's value

As markets grow there will inevitably be a dire need for more effective energy exchange platforms on a large scale. P2PEP will enable a direct interaction between renewable energy producers and consumers. As a result, middlemen and the old corporations will become redundant. By using P2PEP you can profit from this changing dynamic financially and help create a better tomorrow, a cheaper and environmentally friendlier way of energy production and consumption.

6. How will energy be delivered from place A to place B?

There are currently two options for implementing the trading platform of P2PEP in order to make energy trading possible.

The two main routes we will research and develop are:

      1. Using a micro grid and
      2. Using wireless energy transformation.

The first option involves uploading energy at place A, and making energy available at place B, by the use of our (partner) networks. Please note the energy will not travel, it is just being uploaded to the grid in place A and consumed in place B.

The second option will involve a wireless transfer of energy and depend on feasibility. The route will be from the producer to the grid or from the producer to the consumer. To read more please refer to our whitepaper where it is explained in more detail.

The P2PEP project shares the vision of Nikola Tesla and will invest in R&D of this incredible technology in order to transmit energy for short distances without the need of using cables.

Our main and most feasible implementation will be using Micro Grids due.

9. Does PEP have a blockchain explorer?

As of yet, PEP is a token on the Ethereum network. PEP token transactions can be found on: etherscan.io or ethplorer.io

10. How can I use the PEP tokens to buy energy?

Begin using the P2PEP energy trading platform and start buying and selling clean energy in an easy way like never before! It is as simple as ordering an Uber ride or an Airbnb apartment. All you have to do is to download our DApp in order to start trading renewable energy. For big renewable energy producers, this is extremely appealing since there are a lot of users on the network that are tired of the unfriendly energy they are forced to use today and are craving for someone to sell them green energy at a decent price. Companies simply sign up to the platform, set their price and start selling energy to customers. In the future, we will strive to support and work with wireless-energy startups.

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